The most important factor of any business unit is its infrastructure. In the Sector like Food & Spices it really has its own significance. The expectations of quality is vain without possession of proper,

  • Technology
  • Building
  • Environment
  • Storage Capacity
  • Work Force

Considering the importance of above mentioned factors
The infrastructure of JK Spices is designed.


Company has all updated technology weather it is for:


For considerable production the high capacity machines are engaged. The machines are user friendly so that it do not affect the production efficacy.


Company has its own advance Mechanism of printing the vital factors like , Prices , Batch No., Production Date, Expiry Date.


The procedure of reaching to the quality spices is its machines cleaning. The advance technological equipment is used for finer outcome.


One of the Equipments to
procure the superior quality spices. Sortex is use to color detector. Other than the product color all other color will be detected and will be rejected for finer outcome.

BUILDING - Factory

The Company has its factory building in a very appropriate area where the resources are easily available an reachable. The around area is covered in such a way that there would not be any hindrance while production. The proper arrangement of sanitary Lavatory, Pantry is done for the employees. The separate arrangement is done for every products.


The motivation for working and efficient outcome the environment in which the work is done must be very supportive. The environment of JK spices is up to the mark in terms of motivating employees, production outcome.